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Dian Fitri Tan or better known as Tan to her colleagues in the film-making industry, forms the backbone of Kino-i Pictures Sdn Bhd. As the producer, her responsibility is mainly concerned with the management of every productions undertaken by Kino-i, which includes the preparation of budget reports, the recruitment of the best available crew with the most efficient utilization of human resources and as Kino-i’s liaison executive, to maintain close relations with the relevant authorities to ensure speedier and uninterrupted support from them towards the company’s productions.

Her responsibility does not end with each productions. As Kino-i’s finance manager, Tan is also entrusted with the management of the company’s accounts and ensure that the company is operating within viable and cost-effective means that will allow Kino-i to grow progressively without straining the company’s financial resources.

After graduating with a Diploma in Business Studies, Tan made a creative leap into filmmaking and continued her studies at the Akademi Filem Malaysia. Tan is greatly inclined towards the technical aspects of filmmaking, and is developing her specialization in the area of creative story-telling. She was also part of the production team of “National Geographic” from Australia.

Tan has produced and directed two short films, namely “Don’t Cry” in 1996 and “513” in 1999, which was shot on 16mm. She also has an eye for Art Direction as she won an award for ‘Best Art Director’ for “Sengkek” at the 6th AFM’s Film Festival.

The filming of “Lips to Lips” tested her skills and knowledge in the camera department. She was assisting all on-location audio recordings and also the camera department directly in every technical aspect to achieve the best quality for the Digital Video (DV) recordings. Her DV shortfilm entitled “A Story About Seau Ming” was nominated as one of the finalists among the 200 entries for the Malaysian Video Awards in 2000. In 2006, this short film was selected in JVC video festival 2006 of category 70 Best Selected Video.


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