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Beh Jing Qiang is a new member of Kino-i Pictures. After graduating from Sunway University’s Diploma in Performing Arts in year 2014, he started freelancing with Zalee as assistant editor for a feature films. Beh eventually became an important member of Kino-i, focusing his talents in post-production.

Even though Beh is still a fresh blood in the industry, he has been involved in Film, TV as well as internet content productions. With his curiosity and interest, he has been learning and absorbing lots of knowledge in creative storytelling throughout the process, especially in post-production. He is exposed to many post-production work, and especially enjoys creating magical moments through the process colours grading and editing.

Beh’s interest in sharing his knowledge also brought him to assisting in a few filmmaking workshops, spreading the knowledge to the others that hold the same passion as him.

Besides motion pictures, Beh also has an interest in still photography, especially animals and sceneries, but mostly as a hobby. Beh also dreams to travel the world and taking stunning wild life pictures.



Credentias and “artistic work”  on various projects,

  • "SQL E-leave & E-Claim", a commercial as Colorist.
  • "Gamuda Park’, an infomercial, as Colorist.
  • “Wizards of Warna Walk”, a family drama series for Disney Channel Asia, as a Head Editor.
  • “#OBB”, a magazine series for RTM2, as Editor.
  • “Shadowplay”, a feature film, as Editor and Colorist.
  • “Mcalls Merdeka”, a Short Film, as Colorist.
  • “Marmite Capsule ads”, 4 parts commercial, as Colorist.
  • Blackmagic Design presenter at Broadcast Asia 2018 in Singapore.
  • “Yonex Astrox 99” featuring Lee Chong Wei by Film Troop Studio, as Colorist.
  • “Sampai Jadi” a music video by Joe Flizzow, as colorist.
  • "Sprayed”, a short documentary for Oscar nomination (short film category) as Colorist.
  • “Stepping Out”, a 8 episodic reality show for Red Comm & NatGeo as Colorist.
  • “Gaduh-Gaduh Sayang”, a 26 episodic TV drama as editor and post producer.
  • “Puteri Idaman”, a telemovie for RTM1 as editor.
  • “Next New Wave” a filmmaking workshop as assistant editor.
  • “Aliff Dalam 7 Dimensi”, a feature length film as co-editor for Isazaly.
  • “Transmisi Kampung”, a telemovie for RTM1 as editor.
  • “Redha”, a feature length film as co-editor for Isazaly.

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